Monday, November 23, 2009

Droid Does - Yes, yes It Does!!

I am sure by now that you've all heard the hype about one of the latest phone on the market - the Motorola Droid. Well, I've had the opportunity to test one out and let me tell you - it's not just hype. The excitement that has built up around this phone is justified and maybe even a little underplayed! This phone is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

What sets the Droid apart from your standard smart phone is the OS (operating system) - the Droid runs on an open platform - so much like the iPhone you have various apps you can download and install. Some apps you can buy but I am not sure why you would with the thousands of free apps that are available. (Want to browse the apps? Visit the Android Market or Droid Apps)

A few of my favorite Droid apps include:

Google Sky Map - Because it’s just cool! -

Shopsavvy – Scan an items bar code and it will tell you where to find it online or locally (mapping it as well) with the best pricing. Way cool!


Bubble - Basically turns your phone in a level - very cool!

I love the integration with Gmail, Facebook and Twitter Apps on the Droid. Once you're set up - you are officially untethered from the computer! Checking you email, updating your Facebook and checking Twitter is all seamless!

And with such time-saving and useful apps that help you save on shopping, groceries and just plain have fun - how could you go wrong?! Honestly, there wasn't one thing I didn't like about this phone - even begged to keep it "just a little longer!"

If my rave review didn't convince you - here's even more documentation that the Droid is hands-down amazing!

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Anonymous said...

Love the review! And what's even better is a Mac user giving it!

Stacy said...

I do love my Mac and would never go back - but I have never gone iPhone. I have Verizon and didn't see enough reason to switch a service I am happy with for a cool phone - especially when new phones are coming out all the time.

Bryan said...

And now a small Indianapolis based company has an Android app as well! I own and we just released our first app to help consumers find coupons for local businesses. It uses the GPS on the phone to locate businesses close to your current location and shows you the coupon they offer.