Saturday, November 14, 2009

Garden Update: Nov. 14, 2009

Yup! A November garden update, isn't that crazy?! We are down to one producing garden box instead of two. A few of the winter hardy vegetables I planted in one of the garden boxes are still growing and happy even in this mid-November! I worked a little today to clear out the old cherry tomato plants and was pleased to see my lettuce, broccoli and a few carrots and onions still going strong.

There's even some baby broccoli florets even growing! See it?? :)

Here's an aerial shot of the thriving lettuce and broccoli - they seem to be doing better now than they have all summer! Huh. Thinking about planting a few more little winter hardy things and rigging up a sheet of plastic to make a cold-frame of sorts.

I'll leave out broccoli a little longer to see if I can get any bigger than the tiny florets on it now - may pull up the lettuce here soon. Pulled up 4 sizable carrots and found but left some little onions that were still growing and popping since the larger ones had been pulled up weeks ago.

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