Saturday, August 15, 2009

Suburban Foraging: Wild Blackerries!

(Me and my little helper - picking blackberries!)

One of things about growing up in rural Indiana is that you get the chance to learn a little more than the average suburban Hoosier about what grows native in Indiana. Especially if you lived near any sort of wooded area, etc.

A favorite memory growing up in northern Indiana is picking blackberries with my siblings from the brambles just down from our house at the edge of our property. Your fingers get stained purple and you're bound to come away with a thorn or two lodged in your wrist, but it was all worth it when my mom made it all into a delicious blackberry jelly!

Though we now live in a more suburban area, I still have that eye that roams the ground and while I have had zero luck in finding any morels or arrowheads near our new home, I have had the pleasure of finding a fairly decent sized blackberry patch!

Out walking the dogs we walk the path that loops around one of the man-made ponds and on the far edge of the pond is a line of trees that separates the community from the field next door. And, yup, that is exactly where the blackberries grow!

Blackberry cobbler here we come!


Nadine said...

Very cool! I love picking wild berries.

Jenny wren's nest said...

I love picking berries, and God has blessed me so richly with a woods close enough to our house that I can walk there.