Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blackberry Cobbler

Our neighbors and friends, who heard our blackberry story and saw the little cup full of blackberries we had picked as we finished our walk and strode by their house - asked us recently if we had actually eaten our finds.

I told them yes and mentioned the cobbler we had made. And after a kind of long awkward pause they asked if we felt sick afterwards. LOL!

Oh goodness! :) No, we feel fine - unless the berries were sprayed with some kind of chemical we were in no harm of getting sick. I've picked this berries growing up for many years and know what they look like. Hehe, made for a good chuckle for me though! Those suburban kids! :)

I was telling my husband as I was picking them that it is a good thing the neighbor kids who play in the woods have no clue that these berries were edible - or there'd be none left! But I am sure they all got the "don't eat berries they could be poisonous!" story we all got growing up. I had the talk, I know the fear, but I've also been with my parents as they pointed out what WAS edible - mulberries, blackberries, black raspberries, morels in the springtime - all that grow wild in wooded areas of Indiana. Yum!

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Momma Val said...

Oooh, delish! I am so relieved that this was not a post about some ridiculous technology. lol Even though I just had a bowl of moose tracks, I am still drooling over the pics. YUM!

Sarah Pead said...

Yuuuuummmy! That cobbler looks amazing. And what a lucky find...I had no idea that wild berries grew in this area!

Stacy said...

Momma Val - Haha, nope - no blackberry devices posts. I'm talking about the REAL thing! It was very yummy - albeit a tad seedy. :)

Sarah - Yup, you will have to keep your eye out next time your walking around rural Indy now! :)