Sunday, August 9, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

Actually been very impressed with my newly installed strawberry patch this summer! Wasn't sure how it'd do, especially when I didn't see anything for weeks. Lately though, we've been able to pull off 2-3 good strawberries a week - even now (Early Aug)! And, OMG, are they are delicious! Like no strawberry you can buy in the store - ahhh, homegrown tastes SO GOOD!

A little surprised at how much it has filled in the 2 x 4 raised garden bed we put them in. They are even vining out trying to reach the ground around the box! Good grief! I might just let them! :) No harm in more backyard berries!


Sarah Pead said...


Jenny wren's nest said...

I love fresh strawberry

Andora said...

I am with you on the home grown taste,there is nothin like it..I make strawberry freezer jam every year..there is none better,My son that is in Iraq right now said I better save him some for when he comes home..and you know I will..