Monday, May 4, 2009

A Not So Subtle Hint

Trying to convince my husband that he needs to go back to the antique shop we visited over the weekend and buy this ADORABLE doll-house.

Knowing my luck I would end up having all boys. But if I did - we could sell it later or give it to friends for a birthday or something.

Come on, my love, it is an amazing deal. Most doll houses cost $100's.

Pretty pullleeeezzeee???

Perhaps there will be a surprise waiting for me when I get home this week. Hmmm??


Momma Val said...

Awwwww! One of the hugest things I wanted to do with my kids is a dollhouse but bet I'll have all boys too. I love dollhouses over many of the newer popular toys out there. You know through the years I have seen many artsy fartsy cutesie decorated houses and someone has put the dollhouse in their decor rather than actually play with it. OR you could play with it by decorating it for each season or holiday? Think alot of adults actually dollhouse as a hobby.

trek said...

When we were engaged, we stopped at an antiques shop one weekend. On a whim. In another state.

Found a wonderful, old Lane chest. It wouldn't fit in the car. We left.

I called them up the following week. Verified the chest was still there. I arranged to borrow a pick up truck.

It has been at the foot of my bed ever since.

Go for it!

Stacy said...

Momma Val - My dad built my sister and I a huge dollhouse when we were little and we loved it! But it became damaged when we stored it out in a barn while my parents' new house was being built. :)

I would definitely like my kids play with it! Have you seen the little Calico Critters?
I think they would be perfect for the house! Can't decide which would be best - the bunny, cat or squirrel family? Maybe all three! Would be fun to decorate it for the seasons as well - but still want to keep it a toy.

Trek - My hubby is supposed to go pick it up today if it is still there! Keep your fingers crossed for us!! :)