Thursday, May 14, 2009

Columbine in Bloom

The purple Columbine Flower I got from my Grandma is doing splendid in it's third year in my little side garden! Just look at all those blooms!!

I've got quite the columbine collection now - pink ones, purple ones and I just picked up some red and white ones from Lowes - they were 50% off!

(That is thyme growing so close next to the idea what to do with it - but it is growing. LOL!)

Any good recipes anyone??


Momma Val said...

Wowee! Mine is still a tiny cluster at the ground. Very nice!!!

Kellie said...

you could cut the thyme and hang it upside down to dry, then strip it and jar it up to use for later!
but i am sure you knew that! geesh...have a great day!

Nadine said...

My columbine are finally flowering, a gorgeous deep purple. I can see myself collecting as many colors as possible too.