Friday, May 15, 2009

Here's Your Sign

I love garden signs! Especially little embossed ones like this! Perfect for my mint patch. Found it at Joann Fabric along with a Thyme sign - which I didn't grab - they had Rosemary, Basil and Sage too!

Now my neighbors know I am growing mint and not weeds. :)


Momma Val said...

That sign is adorable but you maybe should buy about 10-20 signs for the mint. It takes over in no time and is impossible to get rid of.

Stacy said...

That is why I love it! I planted it on a side of the house I pretty much ignore - and am looking forward to it taking over! Plus mint is always good to have on hand in case culinary inspiration hits. ;) We had it growing up.

I am a fan of plants that spread - hence my love of mint, bee balm, lemon balm, lambs ear and lilies! My grandma is going to give me some of her Snow on the Mountain - can't wait!!

The only thing that spreads that I hate is dandelions. Now THOSE suck.

Actually I don't think I would mind them so much, but it is pretty much against the rules to have them - HOA bylaws and such.

Momma Val said...

Sorry Stacy,
I should have figured you knew that. I did not and was unpleasantly surprised. Friends of mine told me after the fact that they had neighbors complain to the city cause it was growing under their fence and taking over the nice part of the neighbors yard and flower bed and gardens. Oops! I tried to grow snow on the mountain from a Freecycler in an icky blah clay part of the yard. Didn't take. Good luck! I did have luck with Periwinkle planted in a boring place that always seemed bare and weedy. WOW! It went bersurk!!! Dandelions DO suck!!! Hate the chemicals make our dog sick cause he eats grass so we are chemical free and once I think I got it under control with my picker, BAGH there's another damn dandelion!!! Happy plantings :)

Nadine said...

What a cute sign!

Stacy said...

Momma Val - It's ok! :) My periwinkle never took off - but I just moved it so hopefully it is happier in its new location.

Nadine - Thank you!!

melly~ said...

thanks for the heads up on the sinage, stacy! can't wait to see if i can find some for my herb garden!

WYA! said...

That is a cute sign. We planted some herbs this weekend and we can't wait to see signs of life from the seeds. You are an inspiring gardener, especially since it looks like you are in suburbia like we are.