Sunday, May 3, 2009

2009 Johnson County 5th Annual Garden Celebration!

Made it out the 2009 Johnson County Garden Celebration for a little plant shopping this weekend! I love the Garden Celebration! So many great plant finds, lots of info - so much fun!

The vendors are all so helpful - ask any plant question and you're bound to find an answer - and you get to learn about lots of nurseries you may not have known about before - I have a few new places I need to venture out to now!

Winton's Iris Hill
7131 E. 550 S.
Franklin, IN 46131
Open 6 days a week from Apr. 15-Sept. 1)
Closed on Tuesdays
Hours: 10Am-7PM
Perennials - $2.00 & Up
5 acres of Daylilies, Irises, Hotas Perennials and Display Gardens

Cool Things for the Garden
6895 St. Rd. 39
Martinsville, In
5 miles north of SR 67
Open most weekends, but please call ahead to make sure: 317-996-2746
Fri. & Sat. 9AM-6PM
Sunday 1PM- 6PM
Nice assortment of hard to find annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs suitable for the central Indiana landscape.
Bring your container to the nursery to fill with plants of your choice.

Though one vendor in particular caught my eye - they had a handwritten sign posted that told everyone, "No pictures!" Nice, considering I am the one loon with the camera. I am not taking pics to steal your bird feeder ideas, lady, I am taking pics for my blog to spread the word about this great event and all the great vendors that are there. Goodness. Are you that insecure about your "crafts" that you are paranoid about people stealing the idea? Puleeze! Get a patent.

Well this year you are NOT in my pics, so no worries - no one will see your little bird feeders - so now no one will come looking for your booth next year - oh wait, is that what you wanted to happen? No? Oops. Yeah, it is called free advertising, hon. And now you're missing out. Darn.

Ok, rant over.

Here's what I came home with! A lovely pink columbine and blue salvia! Spent only $6.50 all together! I should have grabbed the cilantro and catmint I found for $2.25 - thought I would get a better deal at Lowes - not the case though - they were $3.25 at Lowes - go figure! You win some and lose some in bargain hunting!

The guy with the good deal on the herbs is said to also be making an appearance at the Greenwood farmer's market - will have to make it out to the next one!


Momma Val said...

OMG, I am just dying about your rant! Too funny! I see what you mean. You should have told her that, it probably never dawned on her and crafting is probably a serious business where anyone that comes up with a unique idea and then everyone steals it for their craft booth? Still, love when you rant, funny!

Nadine said...

Those columbines are crazy! They look quite different than mine, which I'm hoping will finally flower this year (grown from seeds from my grammy's house).

Stacy said...

Momma Val - I just wish people weren't so paranoid and skeptical of everyone. I like to think we don't live in such a dog-eat-dog world instead everyone helps each other out - but I know that isn't always the reality. Thanks for hearing my rant out! :)

Nadine - I know! I just had to have it! At Lowes I found a similar one but it was all white - but still had the crazy petals! My purple one is from my great grandma! Yay for grammy's! :)

john said...

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Trena said...

I want to know how the Nora Barlow pink columbine does for you this year. I did not get to keep any for my self and I always like to get feedback on how well the plants do. Columbines are notorious for going to seed and reverting back to the native orange and yellow ones. After looking through some of your other blogs I see that you were at the bulb class last spring and at Victorian Christmas. The MGs decorated the planters for Christmas with evergreens from home and silver painted trees. Very chic looking I thought, but maybe not everyone's cup of tea. I need to go get the trees soon.

Stacy said...

Trena - It is so cool that you found me! Yup, I am a southsider and always try to hit up anything interesting going on that side of town!

I will definitely let you know how that pink columbine does! I hope it stays the same! Thanks for the warning about it though.

Definitely keep me in the loop for any good MG events going on - do you have an enews list? If so add my email squasebarth at gmail dot com!

Also, in April I will be speaking about Square Foot Gardening at a local church - maybe we can get in touch and talk more it!