Monday, May 18, 2009

8+ Hours of Gardening in 1 Weekend!

(Couldn't do a post about gardening without showing an update on the tres garden beds!)

So I've been a little garden crazy this weekend. My wonderful friend, Laura, called me Friday evening and asked if I had any plans for this weekend - I checked my schedule (husband ended up working awful hours 6PM-4AM Saturday and 12PM-1oPM Sunday) - so NOPE no plans! Well she had a plan up her sleeve - so off to Lowes we went Friday night and picked out all kinds of plants and shrubs for her two front garden beds.

Then woke up bright and early (ok, not so bright or early) and started hacking at the weeds and laying down landscaping fabric and planting flowers at 9AM. We worked our tushes off until about 1PM - even worked through a pretty good rain! :)

Took a break from yardwork only to detour to my coworker's house - she had told me to come on over as she was splitting and thinning all her flowers and plants. More yardwork!! :) We packed up the shovel and lots of flower pots and off we drove!

We took home a good 1/2 truck bed full of hostas, ferns, money plants, and tons and tons of black eyed susans. Our neighbors said it looked like we had a jungle in our truck! The ferns did give it a jungle feel! I am excited - never had ferns before and these are just lovey!

Sunday started off pretty slow. Stayed home with Matthew until he headed back to work, then got my hair cut, browsed through the new Ace Hardware - very nice - didn't know they had kitchen stuff! And headed back over to Laura's to finish up the garden bed in the backyard - I brought over from starts from my bee balm, lemon balm, mint (I gave her warning), and some of the black eyed susans from my coworker. We finished up the backyard in an hour or two then it was back to my place where I proceeded to plant EVERY single one of the plants we took home with us from Connie's. Thankfully, where I put them was shady so it was a pleasant time digging in the dirt. Now Matt will just have to through and straighten up the edges of the new garden bed - but it already looks fabulous - even with some of the plants looking a tad droupy from their trip.

(Here they are all! A good 8 feet or more of new plants!)

Here's a shot of my wrap around flower gardens - tried to fit them all in one pic. :) I am loving our backyard oasis in progress!


Momma Val said...

Ooh, awesome! Great friend you have to help you do all that. Looking really nice! Love those bust your butt days in the garden, alot harder to do with little ones around :)

Nadine said...

Good job. You should be proud!