Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stupid, Cold, Stinky Bus

What? The picture is a little blurry? Oh, yes..that is because I took it while I was parked at a red light - how could I not?! Look at that price! $1.76 a gallon for gas! Sheez!

Makes me feel a little better about missing the bus for the upteenth time in a row yesterday. Apparently we have new drivers and they like to be early (ok, ok...on time) - but after getting used to our old drivers and their loosey goosey schedule - on time WAS early.

Now, with our new AM drivers, if you are not early you are way late...the bus pulled away as I pulled into the lot this morning and I was there by 7:35 at the lastest! I sat there in shock thinking for sure he would wait for me since I had drive right in front of him to pull in to the lot so he had to see me - and no one parks in the lot unless they are riding the bus - so HELLO...I was TRYING to catch the bus. Could you not have waited 30 more seconds for me to park my car and get out??

I should have known something was up when the driver (pretty sure it was the same one) closed the door and starting pulling away AS I WAS WALKING UP TO THE BUS on Monday morning...thankfully my dutiful co-riders yelled for him to wait. Sadly, their calls went unheeded Tuesday morning...sigh. (I was two feet from the door when this happened - NOT all the way across the parking lot or anything.)

Whatever. Stupid, cold, stinky bus....who needs grouchy drivers who don't give a hoot when you have heated leather seats and a pass to the parking garage? And gas is $1.76...

Sigh. Don't worry clock is set a half an hour earlier for tomorrow - I am still going to TRY to catch the bus, I haven't thrown in the towel - I am just ranting. It's what I do. :)


Electronic Goose said...

LOL. I despise cranky, new bus drivers--this happens to me all the time when they change! Hope s/he gets better for you. And less on time. :)

Stacy said...

Feels good to know I am not the only one thrown off by new drivers. My plan to wake up early and be on time backfired and resulted in arriving way TOO early and catching the WAY EARLY bus. Our building wasn't even unlocked when I arrived...I'm just a tad sleepy and groggy now - bah!

Momma Val said...

I wonder if all buses smell like that? AND if they do, why? It smells like dirty socks, or the monkey house at the zoo, or someone that has had a dirty body and dirty clothes for weeks or months. When I rode the bus downtown Chicago, those bus drivers were ruthless. Even closing the door on people. Rolling their eyes and sighing when wheelchairs took too long. Brother. Ours were NEVER on time. Either way too early or way too late. I hear ya knockin'!!!

BerryBird said...

Wow! $1.76 sounds like such a low prices after the last few months. I filled up yesterday at $2.65/gallon.