Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kira's Cottage Christmas Open-House

I am sure I've told you all about one of my favorite stores, Kira's Cottage - haven't I?! This weekend they set out yummy treats, had free mini art lessons, holiday music, and giveaways! Nothing like walking through historic downtown Franklin and entering an amazing little shoppe full of great gift ideas and books - hearing Christmas music and smelling that wonderful spiced cider brewing away!

The store also has a blog - full of news about the store, recipes and more!

I am still shy about having my camera in stores - but I did manage to snap a few shots - though blurry.

Charming home decor!

Great stocking stuffers! And at 50% off - who can resist?!

Love the table runner! Quilty goodness!


Electronic Goose said...

You shouldn't feel too bad about taking pictures in stores. I worked retail for years, and a good number of customers would ask if it was OK to take pics. Generally, the store is fine with it as long as they don't think you're the competition coming to snap pics so you remember the prices. So the smaller the store, the less likely they will get upset. The only store that ever had a problem with me snapping pics was Wal-Mart (and it was for a student newspaper, go figure). So if you feel awkward, just ask if it's OK!

TMC said...

I picked you for an I ♥ Your Blog award. :)