Friday, November 21, 2008

Recent Reading List

Been a reading fiend the last couple of months what with all my bus riding (a.k.a. an hour of extra time each day to do nothing but read or stare at my fellow passengers - or at attempt to knit within my alloted personal space and unintentionally risk stabbing myself and others).

Anywho, here's a little list of what I've been enjoying bookwise:

The People of the Whale
Just started but really getting into it...will give a synopsis when I'm finished.

As Good As It Got
Eh, an ok read. I don't think I was really their intended readership. I picked up the book because of the dog on the cover - yup, I thought it was some sort of dog-related story....but, no, it was about four ladies who willingly or reluctantly attend a suddenly single camp and their struggle and triumph through their individual relationial problems and the bond they form together.

Moon Shell Beach
Good story about two women, friends from childhood, who shared a secret beach all of their own. As they grew up they grew apart - but eventually their lives crossed paths again in the small town of Nantucket - good ending.

Ms. Hempel Chronicles
Another, eh, for me. Story about a young woman and her struggles early in her career as a teacher.

The Groom To Have Been
Pretty interesting story about arranged marriages in the modern day world.

The Gift of Jazzy
A good light read about a woman who lost her husband but gained a small dog - and the joy he brings her in her time of despair.

The Joy of Doing Things Badly
Pretty much my mantra in life!

I go back and forth between being in the mood to read fiction and wanting to learn something and read nonfiction...I think I am on the brink of getting bored of fiction. Getting in the mood to actually learn something real! I've got quite a few nonfiction reads on hand that I've picked up from the library. Would make a list of titles but in doing so I'm afraid I would sound like some sort of nutcase. :)

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