Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winter Has Finally Decided to Grace Us With It's Presence

I believe it is safe to say that winter has finally arrived in Indiana. After experiencing unseasonably high temperatures for Fall and the early part of the Winter season - the tables are finally beginning to turn - reminding us once again how extreme Indiana weather can get. Just two days ago we had temperatures in the mid-50's and today I receive a weather alert on my Forecast Toolbar heeding me about a winter weather advisory with a possible 2-4 inches of snow to hit us through tonight until Wednesday. Lovely.

It just doesn't seem like it should be December already. It should have hit me when I crunched through the inch deep salt that the city puts on the sidewalks permanently until about March. And it should have hit me when my two block walk to our building seems to take longer and longer (I hate the cold - which makes the usually pleasant walk just about unbearable). I am the person you see on the street who is bundled up like I have never experienced an Indiana winter - but I have lived here all my life -I just dislike the cold. You can find me smack dab in front of the direct blast of hot air from the wall mounted heaters at the parking garage with my eyes closed and goofy smile on my face- those things are great! I want one of those in my bathroom to help me shake off the morning chills.

But alas, winter is here. The cold has officially seeped in.

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