Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hard Drives are Like Tires

So, our hard drive went out on our Powerbook G4. Not fun. In fact, I thought I had caused it - because I was browsing through my Google Reader watching funny videos and the system starting running slow so I got up and walking away - watched some tv yadda yadda. Then the hubby wanted on so he logged onto his account and Firefox froze - all you could do was move the mouse around - you could not get to Finder to restart or anything. So after some waiting around we hit the power button for a restart. Except it never came back...just restarted to a white screen with a sad folder and a question mark. Not good. Thank goodness for Apple Care (the 3 year warranty is DEFINITELY worth it) and thank goodness for the Apple Store in Indianapolis! Only two days later and we have a perfectly working computer again - EXCEPT we lost everything that we did not back up on our external hard drive. :( Bummer.

Anyways, I asked the tech over the phone what we could do or not do in the future to prevent such failures from happening again and the guy said this, "Hard drives are like tires - they wear out over time and with use - there was nothing you do or not do to prevent it." Which made me feel SO much better but also a little jaded to think that every two years we may have to buy a new computer or shell out $400 for a hard drive fix (once our warranty runs out).

So now begins the work of installing all the software we had in addition to what already came on the computer - iLife, Office:Mac, our ipod software, etc etc. Yay, fun!

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