Thursday, December 27, 2007

My New Knitting Basket

A tisket a tasket I got a new knitting basket! And all my yarn and new needles fit so lovely inside. Much better than the tupperware tub I have been storing it all in - this basket looks much more coordinated with our livingroom decor - it is made of woven banana leaves and is a great large open bowl of a basket. It was 50% off at Hobby Lobby and came to a whopping $5! The hubby and I have been all around town the last couple of days perusing the after Christmas sales - but nothing has really caught our eye (besides some baskets, yarn, knitting needles, and a grill tool set) - usually we stock up on Christmas cards and decor but this year we just aren't in the mood. I think we are both fending off the beginnings of a cold and we are still recovering from the physical exhaustion of the holidays - 6 Christmases in 3 days!! Whew! I will have to start posting about all the marvelous gifts we have received.

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