Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My New Favorite Gum!

Ah, secret weakness. You see, I am not supposed to even chew the stuff due to my jaw locking and what not. And if I chew too much or too long it makes my jaw sore and even makes it click! Not good. But I LOVE gum - especially after meals - gets that icky whatever-I-just-ate taste out of my mouth. I know there is a gum alternative - mints. But they are just not as satisfying for some reason.

Anyways my latest gum indulgence has been Altoids Sugar Free Chewing Gum in Spearmint. They come in this cute little tin that fits all nifty into my purse. These little green disks of gum are jam packed with eye-tearing Altoid-minty flavor. Mmmm!

My other favorite gums include IceBreakers new gum "Center" which is full of vitamin C and ginseng and Bazooka Original, of course!

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