Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We Block the Wee

As a little new parent gift, my husband and I bought our friends with the new baby the "Wee Blocker." A little soft foam sports cup of sorts to shield off a baby boy's squirt as you change his diaper. Now my friends are new to the baby thing and we are too - not having any ourselves - so we thought this would be a great gift for newbie parents. Upon further review - however - some people seem to think it is a ridiculous product and that parents should be able to figure out some sort of double diaper method and be quick handed at the process to ward off any incoming stream. But you know what? My friends are new to this - I highly doubt they are going to be quick handed right off the bat - as I know I nor my husband would be either with our first little one(who is still a few years off in the future for us) so I still think it was a good gift - at least for new parents - maybe not for old pros.

We bought the Wee Blocker for $10 at Babys'R'Us.

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