Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sinus Infection Relief When Pregnant

In other words - how to muster through the pain and suffering without succumbing to death (maybe extreme - maybe not - have you had a sinus infection?? No? Then shush.) It try it pregnant when you are very limited on how you can medicate yourself and your body's defensive system is a little too preoccupied with important baby-growing-stuffs and cannot seem to possibly be bothered to fend off or get rid of some icky, infected, blinding-pain inducing mucus in your nasal cavities.

[Warning - Long post of epic pity party proportions.]

Ok, so you had a cold (gleaned from your husband and toddler - they recovered in 3-5 days tops) and it was no fun right? Then you got an ear infection (true story) - even better huh??

So, a trip to your local CVS Minute Clinic, some low level antibiotics, a pat on the back, and a few days later you're hit with a full-blown, raging sinus infection that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. And, oh yes, it's summer - the weather is a scorching 94 degrees, you have a 2.5 year old, work full-time and are also 23 weeks pregnant. Have fun with that. :(

Some flonase and stronger antibiotics and within 2 days you can MAYBE say you are 8% better ---- eight in not even 10%. 3 days later on the flonase steriod nasal spray and the antibiotics and you are still only like 15% better.... :( Green mucus is now coming out of your eye because it has nowhere else to go with the pressure and the swelling and the clogging/stuffiness, and the pressure is comparable to a tooth needing a root canal - makes you wish for a muscle relaxer, high grade pain meds, or a stiff drink type pain...that is where I was at the last two weeks - people.

So what has kinda helped?
- warm mist humidifier on full blast in a small room with the door closed all night long (yes the room is upstairs and the weather is hot so already it was at 75 degree before running the humidifier - now it is like 85-90 - oy)
- hot compresses held to painful pressure spots
- sleeping in a semi-upright position - pillows, pillows, pillows (and for the first couple of nights - benedryl to knock ya out to at least get some rest while you wheeze/ cough with your mouth open all night)
- neti pot (while this is kinda helpful - really doesn't quite work as it should since you are soooo clogged that the warm saline solution - made from distilled NOT TAP water cannot even pass to the other nostril) I do think it helped work a lot of the junk out though - so better than nothing for sure! And towards the end of the infection it helped relieve the sinus pressure.
- saline nose spray - though this can backfire and just make things worse...soo I dunno
- carmex, burts bee lip balm, coconut oil (for chapped lips and raw skin from breathing with your mouth open all the time and from constantly wiping and blowing your nose)
- applying chest rub straight to the painful pressure spots - ah sweet (temporary) cooling relief from the pain at least - really did squat in the actual decongestion department but then again nothing has really touched that department yet - except maybe the neti pot
- tylenol to at least dull the intense pain of sinus pressure bearing down on your teeth, under eye, eye, and jaw
- rest

What didn't seem to help - but is worth trying and is known to help others:
- clariton d / sudafed / mucinex (check all meds with your dr first - all were on my safe list)
- benedryll
- bowl of steaming water with drops of essential oil and a towel over your head
- steaming baths/showers

The icing on the cake in this fun scenario? My family doctor has disowned me - I hadn't seen her in 4 years just due to not really being sick enough to go etc - that I am now considered a "new patient" and they aren't accepting new patient appointments until the end of August. How lovely.

So all this is occurred without a primary care physician - I obviously need one, yes - but I also need a doctor now - right this freaking second - no time for interviews, insurance paperwork, etc. So it's been trips to the local CVS Minute Clinic (very nice actually) and calls to my OBGYN - who at the moment is technically my PCP since I am preggo with baby #2 due in November.

Just..sigh...ready to not be sick any more.

5 days of lack of smell, taste and breathing through my nose - and going on 2 full weeks of being the summer...while pregnant and with a toddler...oy vey.

[Pity party thrown.]

[Update: I finally felt relief on Sunday (day 6 of the antibiotics and nosespray) - into the 3rd week of this misery - sinus pain is still lingering, nose is still partially clogged, and I now I have a constant tickly cough from the yuck making its way out - BUT I don't feel like death - hallelujah!]


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