Friday, June 25, 2010

WalkyDog Bike Leash Review

We finally got the chance to install our WalkyDog Bike Leash and snap a few shots of it in use one evening here recently. In between all the storms we've been having and our camera battery dying, I wasn't sure when we'd ever get to use it! But, we've actually been able to test out the WalkyDog a few times since it arrived in the mail last week - and I've got to tell you, I am really impressed!

I was honestly a little worried at first, our Showbiz is a puller. She's knocked me down on many occassions after the random squirrel, bird, goose, rabbit, whatever. She's yanked her leash out of both my brother and my dad's hands - tricky, tricky she is. So the idea of harnessing her to a bicycle and then putting my husband on said bicycle to ride around on very hard pavement with a neighborhood full of very tame bunnies, screaming children and random loose dogs - put me in a bit of a panic.

Surprisingly, my husband couldn't wait to try out the WalkyDog until I got home - so he took the first test drive without me on one of his days off. He loved it and raved about it to me on the phone as I drove home. I still wasn't buying it - just had to see it for myself. So we hooked up the bikes again that evening and went out for a ride. And I was more than pleasantly surprised!

Showbiz really loves the WalkDog! I thought she would be scared or, at very least, timid being attached to a bicycle. But, being with us is her (and any good dog's) most favorite thing ever. Walks are a close second. Adding the bike element to the two is apparently heaven for her. She actually takes off running and wagging with a goofy dog grin! My husband, Matt, has to put on the brakes to slow her down so we can all ride together.

The ultimate test for the WalkyDog was the neighorhood rabbits. We have TONS of them. We are talking about rabbits who sit within two feet of the sidewalk and just keep munching away on clover while you walk by. No crouch-n-hide-motionless techniques for these bad boys - they aren't scared of anything! Dogs? Pshhaw, no!

 Let me introduce you to Exhibit A - or in other words - why I was afraid to try the WalkyDog on our pull-happy pup - bunnies! (This picture is actually from our neighbors backyard!)

Well, our Biz-dog saw one of our cotton-tailed pals, of course, on our bike ride while on the WalkyDog and she TRIED to head full force in it's direction - I flinched as I rode next to my hubby - but the WalkyDog's unique design (how does it do it?!) kept my husband in control and on the bike - not face first on the pavement. Showbiz was a little stunned (just as much as I was!) that she couldn't force her way over to the bunny and drag my hubby along with her. The look on her face was like, "Huh, that didn't work the way I planned!" 

Information from the website explains how it works a little better - "The WalkyDog features a patented internal spring system that acts like suspension when your dog pulls." So, the WalkyDog actually absorbs the pulls! Pretty cool!

I also love how the WalkyDog disassembles, making it easy to store the bikes and easy to take off when you're not going out for a ride with your poochie pal and just as easy to put back on again. The construction is sturdy and the design is excellent! It passed the Showbiz-puller-dog test with flying colors! I never thought it would be such smooth sailing to take her on a bike ride with us. She's the type of dog who has to wear a gentle lead color to stop pulling - and this stands up to the test! I realize I am getting a little on the raving side here - but it rocked our socks off! You can't say that about many products these days.

And to top it all off - the WalkyDog is on sale right now from The Dog Outdoors!

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This post was written as a review of my experience with the WalkyDog Bike Leash. The Dog Outdoors kindly provided a WalkyDog leash for my personal use. No other monies were exchanged and no review or editing of this post were done by The Dog Outdoors. I always give my readers my honest opinion in any review post.


Juliette Morgan said...

I've used WalkyDog for 6 months now and it's great - my westie dog loves it (I don't go on any busy roads, just rurally).

Anonymous said...

I just used it for the first time with my Wheaten Terrier. He's 3-1/2 y/o, gets walked every day and STILL hasn't figured out not to pull. I had to remove a couple of the springs for him to be comfortable but Man! He loves it. I figure after a couple of trips around the block, nightly, just to get the excess energy out and then (finally) a nice polite leisurely walk around the neighborhood is finally possible.
Gotta love the Walkydog.