Sunday, June 27, 2010

26 Week Belly Bump Update

How far along? 26 weeks! Under 100 days to till my due date!

How big is baby? She weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures around 14 inches according to all the fun baby bump update emails I get in my inbox.

Maternity Clothes? Not really. I have a pair of maternity jean capris I'll wear if the weather is cooler, but with the high heat and humidity I've been sticking to skirts, dresses and loose pants and tanks layered with a cute cardigan or sweater for work. At home I'll change back into cloth shorts and tank top - wearing my bathing suite 24/7 with just a sarong around my waist or a swim cover up dress is heavenly too. :)

Sleep: The good old pillow-between-the-knees trick is still working out quite nicely! I'm also sleeping with no covers or just a sheet now - which is very unlike me. I like to be wrapped up in a blanket, but it has been warm upstairs and I am zonking out without the covers so...whatever works! I only wake up around 2 or 4AM to use the restroom. Thank goodness she is a daytime kind of gal so far - she quiets down movement wise as soon as we hit the sack.
Movement: Lots of tumbly movements now - like she's doing flips in my belly. I am starting to be able to tell when a jab is from an elbow or from a foot. Usually they happen close together in time and one is a powerful kick and the other is a much softer jab. Feels like she does full body stretches right up against my insides! Eveything gets really tight and I can feel pressure by my belly button or side or wherever she's pushing whatever limb out. Kinda painful sometimes! :) But always amazing!

Food cravings: I eat less in the summer anyways - probably due to the heat and we keep our house pretty warm as well so the thought of turning on the oven or eating anything hot is gross. I am eating up plenty fresh fruits and veggies though! The peaches I got from the farmer's market last Wednesday had to be the best I've had all year - sooo good! And the pint of blueberries only lasted two days. Been craving more chocolate lately too - some days I wish we kept bags of M&M's in the house - thank goodness we don't! Mornings at work are the worst I think - I feel like I am eating every hour until lunch. Been increasing what I eat for breakfast - adding a slice of toast or piece of fruit to my normal toaster strudel or bowl of oatmeal - that is definitely helping combat the mid-morning munchies. Otherwise I try to keep stocked up on lots of little healthy things (granola bars, carrot sticks, celery and peanut butter, etc) to munch on.

What I miss: Being more active. I love spending the summer weeding and planting, bike riding, taking walks, etc. I still do those things, just not with the same get-up-and-go as I used to.  Some weekend afternoons I can only muster out a nap and nothing more. And bending down is also becoming mildly unpleasant. Fitting into my all of my clothes. Every now and then I'll try on something I think will fit and ha! it wont. :( Thank goodness for that belly band and swishy summer skirts and dresses.

What I am looking forward to: Meeting our little girl - seeing what color of hair she has - my blonde or my husband's brown - what color and shape of eyes. Just seeing what she looks like and meeting her in person beyond the kicks and jabs I get everyday. :)

Milestones: Under the 100 day mark till my due date! The nursery is looking more and more like a nursery! Many thanks to my Dad and Cindy for sending us some fun packages in the mail lately! We now have a mattress and crib sheets for our crib and thanks to Nikki for the bumbo and umbrella stroller! :)  And many thanks also to our cousins Jonny & Jenna in Hawaii for sending our little one some love - she is going to love her bouncer seat! And we are going to love the bath temp turtle and the pacifier thermometer! I've also officially switched out my belly ring to a maternity version - thank you, Mom! Not really out of necessity, I think I could have gone a little longer in my old ring, but just to have it in - it has cute little baby footprints on it! :)

Say What?:
Lots of comments lately about how bad it must be being pregnant in this weather. For the most part I don't mind. I love summer! Now I am being smart about it though - not being in the sun for long periods, staying hydrated/in the pool/shade, etc. But I love the warmth and so far knock-on-wood no swelling. Though my toes do get a little toasty and red during my mile long walk to and from the farmers market around 12noon every Wednesday.

Oh, and THIS:  
Pregnancy hormones are definitely crazy - I am still sporting the fun acne despite having switched completely over to a sensitive skin beauty bar and foaming face wash about 3 weeks ago. It is definitely 90% better - but still there. And the emotional ups and downs are no fun - ask the hubby. :) For the most part I am always up - but there are definitely down moments - like last night when I found out my favorite pj pants no longer fit quite right - pretty sure my hips have expanded - not extra cush but physically expanded. And seeing yourself in pictures while pregnant is always a little shocking. Some angles I think I look fine and others I am mortified. Do I really look like that?? Are my hips really that big? What is wrong with my thighs, my face, arms, neck -arg! Look away, look away!


Thimbleanna said...

You're looking great! You're in my favorite phase now -- I loved feeling the babies move -- nothing cooler in the world! Won't be long now!

Momma Val said...

I am shocked that my shoe size permanently increased a half size with each pregnancy! So now short little me at 5 foot three now wears a 9.5 or even sometimes a 10! Whoa! I was always quite shocked at the image of myself naked while pregnant. No matter what weight you gain and lose your body does definitely change, bones, etc. AND don;t feel bad about the emotional stuff, you are pregnant and it is totally normal and expected. Crying one minute to raging pissed to, "Hey, look at me world, I got a baby in here!" Yep! Normal! Enjoy! Second trimester was my favorite :)