Friday, October 2, 2009

Reminiscing About National Parks

Watching a WFYI special tonight - The National Parks: America's Best Idea got me reminiscing. We took many family road trips to several different national parks all across the United States growing up. We'd pack up our van with plenty of clothes, shoes, snacks and books and take a few weeks during the summer months to travel across the US. We moseyed through many grand places like The Grand Canyon, Arches National Park in Utah, The Badlands of South Dakota, Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Georgia and all the places in between!

At the time I may have been an moody teenager/child/young adult, sick of hours cramped in a vehicle and quarreling with my siblings, rolling my eyes and huffing at anything that annoyed me - but those trips with my family really did mold me. I hold those memories near and dear to my heart and hope to give my children the same experiences one day - eye rolling and all! :)

Here's a few snapshots I recently came across and scanned from some of those very trips! So many great memories!

My little brother and I in Washington - Olympic Park I think. Pulled over on the side of the road for this pic!

My father, sister, brother and I at Badlands National Park - South Dakota.

My sister and I at a state park in either Oregon or northern California.

My sister, brother and I at Arches National Park, Utah.

My dad's hand showing how big the slugs were at the redwood rainforest in either Washington or California.

My sister, brother, mother, father and I at the Chandelier Tree in California.


Momma Val said...

I too wanted to watch this special but have not been able to. We did LOTS of camping and car trips and roadside stops sometimes for the very boringest of things. I actually really loved it but my sister was all hateful about it and REALLY hated it and to this day has not very nice things to say about it. We have many the same types of pictures. I miss those days and hope to do many of them with my kids when they are a little bigger. I agree with the "molding." Oh, and my dad's thing was trains so we had to stop at many and wow was that the boringest thing ever. Truly!

Matt's Miscellany said...

I bet Jess will love to find out she's now been featured on your blog.

Also, isn't that the tree picture that was followed by the 'infamous' foot accident?

Nadine said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Our family also took lots of these types of vacation.