Saturday, October 24, 2009

Colorful Cozumel

Going a little out of order in my vacation tales here, but bear with me! The second stop on our cruise was the little island of Cozumel, Mexico. This is my second visit to this locale and who-knows-how-many for my hubby.

What stands out for me at this port the most are the colors. Brightly colored hammocks swing from the trees, beautifully tiled fountains trinkle in the background, brightly painted shoppes boast wares of intricately painted maracas, woven blankets, and more. Not to mention the splendidly blue skies and tantalizing hues of the ocean - bright florals and luscious greens of swaying palms and other tropical foliage.

My husband and I did a little shopping right off the boat, found myself a t-shirt to ward off an already sore sunburn and we mapped out what we would buy before we had to be back on board (a new Mexican blanket and some hot sauce).

Then we hailed a cab ($7) to Dzul-Hal and snorkeled the reef there as well as dined on an authentic (obviously) meal of beef tacos with guacamole - not to mention a little pina-colada and beer to keep us cool.

We walked the beach and snorkeled again - then hailed another cab to go a few more miles down the road past Chakanab to Corona Beach for more snorkeling and another meal of nachos with salsa and guacamole.

This last beach is where my hubby got bit by a parrot fish - lol! No harm done - but kinda funny none the less! Don't get the in way of their food! :) The fish were all really friendly and would follow you around as you snorkeled. Our server at the last restaurant walked to the end of the pier and threw out pieces of soft tortilla shells out to the fish and wow! were they fans of that! :) He said they there Mexican fish because they liked tortillas. :)

One thing that is noticeable in Cozumel is hurricane damage - in the last few years they have really gotten hit. This pic is a pier that got ripped off in a hurricane and now provides a cool hang out for the local fishies. :) The other end is still above water and looks a little jagged and crazy.


alli michelle said...

My eye is completely drawn to those tacos and guacamole. Yum!

Andora said...

Hey Stacy,love all the colors from your stop of Cozumel...and the food looks yummy can sure tell you all had a great vacation...

and about the dressing from Olive Garden,they do sell it at all the resturants...take care and thanks for stopping by..