Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Matt's Birthday Festivities Wrap Up

My husband's latest birthday festivities this month took us to the new Scotty's Brewhouse location in downtown Indianapolis. Luckily his birthday fell during the weeks of Devour Downtown - so we were able to dine out for quite the deal! (if you missed this past devour make sure to mark your calendars for January 25 - Feb. 6, 2010).

Matt tried the aloha burger off the 2 for $30 Devour Downtown menu (We split our burgers in half and each were able to try half of both - the aloha was great!)

And I had the Shewman Special - jalapenos and peanut butter on a burger! Yum! For some reason I am attracted to odd burgers like that - I loved the donut burger they had at Badaboomz as well.

The menu also came with an appetizer and a dessert (not pictured because we ate them so fast! :)) We had the nachos and the peanut butter pie! So good!

Would definitely recommend Scotty's as a must-try restaurant. They have such an extensive menu list that you are bound to find something you like whether you are feeling like something different or just wanting the same old burger and fries. And I love the patio - eating outside in the summer weather is so great because it only lasts so long here in Indy.

Oh and the drink specials are great! We enjoyed a $7 margarita pitcher the night we went - but there are different specials every night.

Yay for good birthday weekends! :)


Momma Val said...

Awwww! You guys are so cute. Sounds like a great time :)

Matt's Miscellany said...

Did you just plug Devour Downtown in my Birthday post?

You shameless marketer!

Just joking.

Love you.

PS. I thing we should use the word verification thingy to come up with baby names. Today's choice is Ingar. It's quite diverse.

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

Oh my, I am salivating. Looks yummy.

Amy said...

Saw your FB post on Cupcake Crawling. That's awesome! Did you go to Cold Stone Creamery for their "cupcakes"? I've heard they're incredible, but haven't had one myself yet.

Thimbleanna said...

I love Scotty's. Our kids live not too far from there and they took us there in June -- we ate on the patio in PERFECT weather as the sun set -- it was fabulous.