Friday, September 11, 2009

Monarch in the Garden

Funny how I was just blogging about my little Monarch caterpillar friend - look who I was able to get a shot of! I've been complaining all summer about how all my flowers hadn't attracted any butterflies. I've got bees out my ears - mainly bumble bees but not butterflies.

Well, this guy shut me up for a while. :) And you can spot a few honey bees in the pic too!


Andora said...

I haven't had hardly any butterflies either...maybe one will show up for me to..nice shot..

alli michelle said...

Stacy, I love this photo. The butterfly looks so pretty against the background.

Momma Val said...

Beautiful! Have you ever seen those butterfly watering trays? They are very easy to make and attract butterflys. You use a shallow flower pot bottom, then fill with sand and gravel and some stones and get wet just enough to make sand wet nothing deeper. They love those and it's really easy to make. Sorry, I was trying to find a link for you but could not :(

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, you lucky girl! I wish I could see a monarch in my garden!

Stacy said...

Andora - Maybe it is the weather or their migrating pattern - but I was a little surprised at how few I've seen. Looking at the side of the road you see little white and yellow butterflies just flitting about - but in my botanical garden of a backyard...nothing?? Sigh. :)

Alli - Thanks! :)

Momma Val - Oh, love that idea! No, hadn't really heard of it! Will definitely try that out next year!

Thimbleanna - Only have seen one twice - this time and one other. A rare sighting - sadly.