Thursday, September 17, 2009

Indianapolis Apple Orchard Hopping

Last weekend it was cupcake crawling - this past weekend - apple orchard hopping!

First stop was the Apple Works out in Trafalger, Indiana. A good 48 minutes from us, but didn't feel like it took that long really. There was ample parking and as you can see from the picture above, it is very picturesque as well as kid-friendly - with lots of great educational things, even a petting zoo and large play yard!

The shop was filled with fun and crafty home decor items, hot sauces, jellies and jams, candles, etc. In addition to apples, apple slushies, pies and the like - you could also get yummy looking ice-cream, fudge and candy apples.

My only gripe about the experience were the actual apples - and maybe a little about the spacing (lots of people - not a lot of space to move around). The pic above, with the long line and the 2 ladies in green serving apples behind the blue bins is pretty much the entirety of the actual apple get-up at the Apple Works. I couldn't really see what apples they had available or really get a good chance to taste them at all. If I wanted apples, I was going to have to wait in a really long line of people to get up to the blue bins and then hurry and make my decision because there was a long line of people waiting behind me.

I am not a good hurry-up-and-decide type of decision maker. I like to mull around, shop, browse, taste-test, etc. And when it comes to apples, I don't know a jonagold from a granny smith. It can be summed up as being practically apple-idiot - so I need time to ask questions, have a sample if available and think about what we want to spend our next $6+ dollars on apple-wise.

And those six blue bins didn't exactly scream variety to me - though their website said they had 50+ varieties.

So, we opted to simply slurp on our oh-s0-good apple cider slushies, buy some hot sauce and enjoy the scenery.

But, not having actually bought any apples, I was not ready to end my apple orchard experience - so we googled directions to the next closest apple orchard.

Next up is Anderson Apple Orchard, in Mooresville, Indiana. Again, lots of parking - very nice. Even has a little playground - though no petting zoo or many educational type game stuff. No ice-cream or fudge- but plenty of elephant ears, apple butter & biscuits, hot dogs, caramel apples and apple fondue!

And, AH the apples! Lots and lots of apples - everywhere! Room to move around the apples and read the signs and taste and think, etc! See the little basket in the picture above - those apples are for you to taste what is in the bag. Have no clue what a jonathan apple tastes like? Try it!

The prices were a little more competitive and there was a lot more produce. You could buy pears or pumpkins, even chestnuts, gourds, sweet potatoes and mums. It was like a farmer's market of goodness - and with space to move around and tons and tons of apples!

Anyone have good suggestions of apple orchards to visit here in Indiana? Let me know! I swear there was another Anderson Orchard somewhere near I-465 on the southside...but couldn't remember where and couldn't find it online.

Want to see more pics from my apple orchard adventure? Click here!

Want to find an apple orchard in you area? Visit this page to see a full list of Indiana apple orchards!


Sarah said...

The other Anderson Orchard (same family) is in Pleasant View, near New Palestine. You take the Brookville Rd exit off 465 to get there. That's the one we go to! Its a bit smaller than the Mooresville one, but still great!

Guineapig Diary said...

Yes, I was just thinking about apples! The orchard in Rossville is only selling apples from Michigan so I was looking for other local orchards to visit. Thanks for the link!

Jolly said...
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