Monday, September 28, 2009

Thinking Comfy Thoughts!

With the weather cooling off like it has this week, I've been thinking more and more comfy thoughts - even got in the mood to crochet a little, buy more yarn and start thinking up all the perfect crafty Christmas gifts I could make for my family and friends. Amazing how one rainy, chilly 50 degree day can do that to you!

Here's a project I whipped out earlier in the summer no-less, but had neglected to post about. I had this lovely ribbed sweater I had gotten for Christmas a year or two back that just would not shrink down to a wearable size - but I loved the texture and look so I kept it around. And then inspiration struck! A comfy pillow! Though the idea was good enough, my cutting, measuring, sewing skills have much to be improved upon. The original idea was supposed to be a pillow made entirely out of the fabric from the sweater. But in my excitement I cut it wrong and then tried a different idea and ended up rendering a good length of the fabric as useless.

But managed to save the project with a bit of grey and white striped cotton as a backing - still looks lovely and comfy - especially up against my Heather Bailey patchwork pillow!

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