Monday, November 30, 2015

Puppies and Kitties! Ainsley's Big Second Birthday Bash!

If you know me, you know that one thing I love to do is plan my baby's birthday parties. Lots of crafts and DIY goodness to make them budget friendly of course - but so fun to plan and watch as their little eyes get big at the decorations, cake, and friends and family as they come in the door.

Ainsley has an especially soft spot for puppies and kitties. Wherever we go she always manages to spot a dog and delightfully screams "puppy!!" and always wants to try to give it a pat or hug. And kitties are no different - she will brave scratches just to get a good squeeze of lovings.

Thankful for the many friends and family who braved Saturday's crazy pop-up snow shower and celebrate our little lady's special day with us.

We enjoyed bowls of dog food (Reese Cup cereal) and Meow Mix (colored gold fish crackers), along with platters of cheese complete with toy mouse, and a heaping bowl of delicious Swedish Fish ($1 at Target!), Pink Velvet Cupcakes (Kroger), homemade buttercream and cream cheese icing, a kitty cat cake made from two bread loaf pans of cherry chip (Kroger) cake mix, Strawberry Ice cream (Aldi), pink lemonade and "gold" punch - this one was a complete accident that it turned out gold - pineapple juice, a bottle of sprite, a tub of rainbow sherbert. and ice cubes. "Paw" tato chips (Aldi) and "Pup"eroni pizza - homemade but the pepperoni and cheese and flour for the dough was from Aldi.

Ideas were all a mix of Pinterest inspirations and also inspired as they came to me walking through the aisles at Hobby Lobby.

Paw print balloons, gold glitter paper for the food tags and signs, black puppy and kitty cut outs for the garland and cupcake toppers, pink paper doilies, gold ribbon, gold striped napkins, pink paper plates, white length of chenille for kitty tails all found at Hobby Lobby.

Large glass jars were found at Walmart.

White doilies I had on hand but were from United Art & Education.

Clear party cups I usually find at Party City, but this time I picked up from Target - will be getting them from Party City again as these did not hold up and cracked way too easily. 

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