Saturday, November 28, 2015

Improv Turkey Cheese Ball

Nearly a pinterest fail since I was missing a bunch of the necessary elements - didn't have a neck, head and couldn't find candy corn for a beak. We traveled up north with a cheese ball, stick pretzels, football pretzels and a bag of candy eyes and hope that we'd find the rest.

Along the way, we found all we needed thankfully! Some leftover trail mix at my mom's had the candy corn! And in her cupboard a jar of Nutella worked just was well as icing for the "glue" to hold on the eyes and anchor the head. And we ended up using a bumpy ferrero rocher chocolate head instead of a whopper - I think this was more authentic! ;) -- just hollowed out a bit of a hole into the chocolate, filled with a bit of Nutella and jammed it on the neck. Which of course I didn't have a slim jim but managed to cut down a piece of beef jerky stick to work just the same!

And thankfully Great Grandma always has a well-stocked supply of red fruit roll-ups for the turkey gobbler. :)

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