Thursday, November 19, 2015

Back to Back Birthdays!

It's that time again! Why did I have my babies back to back October and November?? I have spent the better half of this week in my car or in the store, lugging tiny, slightly grouchy children in and out of car seats and into shopping carts and playing a scary type of russian roulette in each store as the nearly two year old insists on walking like big sister and not sitting in the seat. All while trying to keep track of what is on my list and what I need for the upcoming second birthday bash! How can it be - TWO?! Going by much too fast! :(

For Ainsley we knew a "Puppy and Kitty" theme was central - her love for animals is huge - but the details did not all come together until I was shepherding the soon to be birthday girl down the aisles and came across gold sparkly gift bags and scrapbook paper which thrown into the cart looked ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE next to the soft pink plates I already had grabbed. Pink and gold -- gorgeous! Perfect for a pretty kitty-loving princess on her second birthday! Balances out the kitty and puppy craziness with a touch of elegance. Hobby Lobby to the rescue! Like an in-person pinterest! Pinterest has its time and place - but it when it comes to getting it done you have to find the actual items you need in real life.

My typical event planning circuit is not complete with at least one trip to the local Joann Fabric for all things Wilton (cupcake liners, all colors of melting wafers, and more!), Hobby Lobby and Michael's, Aldi's, Party City and Target. Too bad everything can't be found in one store - but alas it is cannot be done - ever.

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