Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh My, It's May!

Holy moly, how is it already May and the last time I posted on here it was March?! Oy.

Well, I do have a 19 month old toddler -- so I suppose my hands are a little busy here lately! :)

Here's a quick update on our little miss:

New words and phrases:
  •  "oooohhh nooo, no, no, no, no" - said very exhaustively and forlornly when something goes wrong...very cute
  • lots and lots of "what's that?" - not a new phrase but definitely noticing that she uses it all the time - will point to pictures in magazines and ask "what's that?" or point to plants and things outside and ask "what's that?" :) barely have a chance to answer her question before she's on to a new one! :)
  • "nanana" (banana) a new love for her
  • "that's alright" - also when something goes wrong or falls down or something
  • and an unidentified word but she says it alot - will be exciting to find out what she is trying to say here eventually...sounds like "gervaiis" or "gervice" clue..yet. :) 
  • "puppy" - not terribly new but she is using it more than "dog"
  • "Lola" - also not brand new but new since I last wrote up something like this. :) Lola is our chihuahau's name...but she uses this for any dog - really when it is time for them to come inside or go outside...she yells "Lola!"
Another new thing: Babies! She loves carrying them around all of a sudden. :)

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