Friday, June 8, 2012

May, June - Whatevs

Oh yes, time is flying. Holy cow. My little one is now 20 months old and since she has been on the move as of 8 months (walking) you can only imagine the speed at which she moves now. O.H. M.Y.

This year summer poses a whole new ball game of fun - this time last year we had a crawler/wobbly beginning to walk little one - now she runs and squeals in delight at new things like the fountains of water at the splash pad at the pool and at the zoo exhibits. So much fun!

Things will definitely be hit and miss here on the old blog - as I am sure you have noticed - hope some of you still stick around. :) Just spending some quality time soaking in the goodness with the family.

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Rosemarie said...

I hear ya! Don't worry we'll stick around :)