Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Dinner 2012 Recap

We had the loveliest time at a local pizza place on the Northside for dinner on Mother's Day that could have ended in disaster if it wasn't for our kind-hearted waitress. We attempted to eat inside at first...take note that this had been a busy naps except the it was going on very dangerously near bed time. Seemed ok for the first 5-10 minutes...we had ammo...a banana, pen to color on the brown paper table cover, etc...she was even strapped in the chair...THEN she wanted we tried sitting next to daddy in the booth...ha. No...she wanted to roam...and we hadn't ordered our drinks yet. :( Thankfully, we are good at eyeballing a place as soon as we enter...and we noticed they had a screened-in outdoor patio, all enclosed and nearly devoid of any diners...perfect. Baby could roam for a second while we waited for our food to arrive and we could relax for a millisecond.

And our nice...helped us move everything over and truly saved the mood of our experience there...from harried and on the edge to relaxed and at ease...and she delighted in our little one. Exclaiming that all that energy and adventure - was good. :) That as she grows into an adult that kind of spunk will serve her well...always having a desire to learn, to explore, to go. :) This made my heart happy...and pretty sure made the food taste even better. :) A very happy mother's day dinner indeed.

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