Sunday, December 27, 2009

What I Got for Christmas

Had a very lovely Christmas over the last few days (Christmas Eve and Christmas day) - got to spend lots of time with our families, ate lots of good food and even was able to sit down and play a game of Scrabble with my cousin, his girlfriend and my Dad. It is always so fun to watch everyone open their presents and to laugh and joke well into the evening with people you love!

Uber excited about the nifty things I got for Christmas! My hubby got me a Bella Cucina Rotating Belgian Waffle maker - yum! And a set of Non-stick Hard Anodized pots and pans! He spoils me rotten! He also gifted me with lovely yarn, lots of Victoria Secret lip gloss (my favorite! pretty sure I have ALL the flavors now!), Bath & Body Works, fuzzy socks, new pajamas, a spool holder and a ceramic travel mug (we got each other one without knowing it!).

So we spent Christmas Eve morning nomming down waffles and packing up clothes and presents to travel up to our parents'. It was the perfect way to lead up to the hustle and bustle of going home.

Since we've been back home (came back the 26th) I've been organizing my kitchen fitting in my lovely new glass jars (thank you Mom & Sue!) and switching out my old pots and pans with my new set. I love big glass apothecary jars to store flour, sugar, coffee etc in and the big 2 gallon ones are great for serving drinks at parties (and now I have 3! 4 if you include the one I have upstairs full of our seashell collection)! I always whip a big batch of lemonade or tea for any shindig we have going on at our house - so the jars will definitely come in handy!

My family also got me more fuzzy socks (heaven!), more Bath & Body Works and other soaps and lotions (can never have enough!), a lovely sweater, candles, scarves and gloves (yay!!), amazing Starbucks coffee travel thermos for each Matt and I, a Starbucks gift card, gift cards to Rock Bottom Brewery, lots of yummy cookies and treats, a cookbook, a lovely table set complete with candle sticks and napkins, a sifter, and a senior picture of my brother.

Enough about my loot! I want to hear about yours? What fun things did you get or do for Christmas?

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Karen Sue said...

For the first year, I knew alot of what the hubby was getting me. We went to the outlet mall and I just needed some new pants, but I'm tall, so I tried on a bunch and found 2 pair that were long enough and then a couple of tops. Another shopping trip he had me try on a sweater so it would be the right size and I admit, I bought a red purse for him to give me on Black Friday. A skirt and sweater from my mom and a much-needed mattress's what I asked for. A water pitcher for the table, because I thought I had one, but don't know where...guess it was in my first life! Didn't get books, but got a gift card, so I'm using that for a new really is good.