Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Cards + Panera = Win!

Matthew and I took advantage of slow, snowy day off this week to cozy up to warm cinnamon crunch bagels and steamy baked potato soup while writing out our Christmas cards at Panera this week.

Panera is on of our favorite places to frequent - it is a cozy little spot for us to pop by for lunch on the weekends. Plus the free wifi is a great incentive! A good three hours, and lots of laughter later, 90% of our cards are written, addressed and stamped! We still have a few addresses we need to locate but it feels good to get it done and to have fun while we're at it! :)

Oh and an added bonus - my bagel (seen above) was heart shaped! :)!


Rebecca said...

What a great idea! I love their cinnamon crunch bagels. Add a little hazelnut cream cheese ... heavenly! :)

Kir said...

I LOVE the cinnamon crunch bagels, too. Sounds like a very cozy, delicious way to get a chore done. I'll have to remember that.