Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring, where art thou?

It's feeling pretty chilly here in the Hoosier state...just when I thought spring was on it's way. Brr!! Here's some pretties from my garden to cheer you up though! They are calling for 60's later this week! Thank goodness! I don't know how much more of these 30 and 20 degree weather crud I can handle. Brr!


Momma Val said...

WOW!!!!! My daffodils still are closed. Oh and it snowed here yesterday of that makes you feel better. Looks like warmer weather for Easter :) I am beginning to lose my patience with the season's!

Stacy said...

Our neighbors down the street had theirs bloom WEEKS before mine - so it may just be different varieties that bloom at different times.

We had snow too, but no accumulation thank goodness! So ready for spring! This kind of back and forth weather does a dozey on my sinuses. :(