Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting the Gardening Bug

Hoping for a few nice days here soon - I have a terrible gardening bug. I've got two more gardens to plant and all these bulbs to put in the ground....goodness!


Momma Val said...

Ha! Sounds like you do have the bug. Enjoy! We are supposed to have some great weather now, at least for a bit. Hey, maybe that could be your new SC header picture? Your gardening shoed feet standing in dirt near bulbs or ? Something gardeny? I do not have the bug yet, our backyard is all swampy PLUS still in the mopey part of PG :( Hope to snap out of it soon and get my hands in the dirt too!

Anonymous said...

I got the gardening bug in November, then it got too cold and almost lost my favs! Where I live it is tropical everyday so if it gets cold here then the North is doomed! Now my biggest problem is that My screened in pool/patio is over run with foliage for indoors and out! By the end of July my bug will die so I hope they get strong enough to be on their own for a short time.