Friday, April 24, 2009

Muddy Road

Our yoga instructor read us an old Buddhist parable that illustrates the challenge--and the value--of letting go of the past last night before we started our class last night. Was something I really needed to hear. Funny how you hear stories like this right when you need to.


Two monks were walking along a muddy road after a rainstorm when they came across a beautiful young woman. She was wearing an exquisite kimono and was looking very concerned at the prospect of crossing the muddy road. The older monk immediately whisked her up into his arms, carried her across the road, and set her on the dry bank opposite. The young woman smiled her gratitude, and the monks went on their way. After several miles of walking, the younger monk could restrain himself no longer.

“We monks have taken vows. We are not even supposed to touch women, especially not young and beautiful ones. Why did you pick up that woman back there?”

“Have you been carrying her all this time?” asked the older monk. “I put her down many miles ago.”


Momma Val said...

Ha! Ha! That's funny. I am dense though because I don't see how that means letting go of our past? Sorry, after children, you will understand. Brain cells leave you and most never return :(

Electronic Goose said...

That's a great parable--thanks for sharing! I needed to hear it.

Stacy said...

Haha! In the story the other monk had been thinking about what the older monk had done for the entire trip - hours even- before he even said anything. He was carrying around the baggage from the event instead of dealing with it right away and moving on. In essence, the younger monk was still carrying the woman - because he couldn't let go what had happened.

(I think.) ;)

TMC said...

This is one of my favourite parables. I think of it often.