Saturday, April 18, 2009

Indiana House Rabbit Society Easter Egg Hunt 2009!

Thought I would give you, my lovely readers, an update on how the Adult Easter Egg Hunt (& Fundraiser for the Indiana House Rabbit Society) went Easter weekend! We got lost on the way as always - that happens. And ended up there too early - which was fine because were able to run into a posse of good friends who showed up - woohoo!! :)

(Registration - they had upwards of 70 people come out this year!)

(Our little posse - counted our eggs after the hunt!)

This year there were 2,500 eggs hidden a wooded area of West Clay Park - last year only 500 were hidden - so yay! Out of our group of 6 people we found between 40-60 eggs a piece - my husband however - found a grand total of 5. LOL

(Matt and his five eggs. :))

Anywho - everyone had a blast and Jessie even found a ticket in one of her eggs! Yay, for prizes!!

Click here to see our full album of fun pics from the egg hunt.

And if you want to come out and participate next year - make sure you join the Indiana House Rabbit Society on Facebook and check out their website to stay up-to-date!


Nadine said...

What a cute idea! Looks like fun.

TMC said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for spreading the word about IHRS. I hope I can make it to the hunt next year. :)

btw, Sarah served me your soup when I was at her house last week. Yum!

Electronic Goose said...

I still think the adult egg hunt as a fundraiser is the best idea ever! I'm going to see if I can get something like that going around here for next year. So glad you had fun, love the pics!

Momma Val said...

That is a cool idea. Though the fundraiser idea would also work for all the kids ones too but don't think I've ever heard of one used for that. That's awesome. All the fun things shouldn't have to be for the kids. said...

Easter egg hunt sounds like fun if you get to through them at each other afterwords. LOL