Friday, November 21, 2014

Farm Fun: Distelrath Farms

I have never felt the desire to really immerse myself into a farm - we've visited places like Trader's Point Creamery, Waterman's, Kelsay's and the like, but the concept of a co-op like Distelrath Farm is very intriguing to me. Granted I haven't jumped in and joined officially quite yet - work schedules, and littles under the age of one make committing to anything a wee bit difficult. But I love this place and venture there as often as our schedule allows. (thank you to Sarah for putting up with us)

One of the activities we were invited to take part in this summer was a Sunflower Harvest. Something just sounds so blissfully fall and memory making about this. We ventured out, cut sunflower heads, gathered them up in the bed of a pick-up truck, hauled them to a wide open space, and laid them out on the grass once back at the farm and laid out a blanket for everyone, mom's, families, babies, toddlers, children, to all sit and hand remove as many seeds as you could or wanted to and conversed, enjoyed one another's company, and revelled in being outdoors.

At one point my youngest, fell asleep on the blanket, surrounded by seeds and the sounds of chickens and her big sister running around and playing with her friend. Moments that pull at the heart strings.

My kind of bliss. :)

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