Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dispelling the Fear: Becoming a Young Living Wholesale Member

When people hear the phrases ‘signing up for,’ ‘enrolling in,’ or ‘becoming a member of" in association with getting involved a company or purchasing a product - they get scared, mad, or just all around uneasy! I have never received so much hostility and skepticism before I started telling people about YL products - it has seriously surprised me. No one wants to be duped or pay more than the product is worth, or agree blindly to any type of commitment that you don’t know enough about, am I right??

Well, let me give it to you straight. Yes it is true, the way Young Living operates as a business is as a MLM - a network marketing organization...deep breaths be completely honest -this is not bad! This simply means they strive on word of mouth - as much products do - friends sharing with friends about products that have changed their life.

With Young Living being a Wholesale Member simply means you get Wholesale Prices - nothing more....and that is it....unless you want it to mean something more but that is totally up to you.

Signing up as a Young Living Wholesale Member just means that you get to purchase your products at great wholesale prices, 24% off retail. A good way to think of it is as being similar to having a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club - except you don't pay annual fees to be in the "club". Your "fee" if, you will, is just ordering a Premium Starter Kit - so it straight out equals product you will receive in your remain a "wholesale member" you need to spend $50 a calendar year on additional product FOR YOURSELF...and the first year is taken care of by purchasing the Premium Starter Kit....after that you are just replacing oils with the ones you ran out of in the kit or ordering other oils that didn't come in your kit, etc.

Let me dispel some concerns commonly associated with any sort of MLM:
  • You DO NOT have to tell anyone about Young Living.
    (I am amazed by these oils and cannot keep them to myself - so I share with others!)
  • You DO NOT have to sell their products.
  • You DO NOT have to carry any sort of inventory.
  • You DO NOT have to make this a business.
  • You DO get a discount.

If you want to tell others about Young Living or even make it into a legitimate business, you can certainly do so. But simply enrolling as a "Wholesale Member" in no way commits you to doing that.

Ready to give Young Living a try? You won't be disappointed... Click here >> wholesale membership, or get ahold of me if you still have questions or concerns!

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