Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Not to Ask A Woman In An Elevator

So going to and from work everyday you tend to run into the same people who work in the area - bumping into each other in the parking lot elevator and building elevators etc.

Well a guy who works on the same floor in the same building as we do (in the office who sells snacks for 50 cents each actually - so they tend to see quite a lot of me) started chuckling in the elevator at me yesterday. :|

Not in the mood and being just a tad bit cranky - I geared myself up for whatever he was about to say. And oh yes, he asked it, "(chuckle, chuckle, chuckle)Why do you carry so many bags???(chuckle, chuckle, chuckle)" - whilst I am balancing everything rather awkwardly after walking two blocks to the parking garage.

Me: "Wwweeeelllllll.....I pump breastmilk...(paused just long enough to let that sink in fully)- SO this is my pump bag and this is the bag that carries my breastmilk, and this is my purse and this is my lunch bag. [awkward pause where he now looks embarrassed at the amount of times I said breast] Probably more than you wanted to know - but THAT is why I carry so many bags."

BOOYAH! Who's laughing now??! :)

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Joanna B said...

Love it! I think everyone at my work was afraid to ask :)