Friday, April 15, 2011

6 Month Update

Wow, kinda crazy how these blog posts are pretty far spaced, huh? Oh well, babies are so much more fun than even blogging - OMG did I just say that?? :) Yup yup I did. But for the sake of keeping track and storing my fun ideas we will keep trying to chug along. :)

Our little love turned 6 months old this month. A whole half a year old. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??

Sigh. It does go fast - what people tell you is true in the regard about parenting.

- Delaney just this week has learned to pull herself up from sitting to standing using a toy or the couch.
- She can scoot/crawl kinda.
- She can pull herself up from lying flat on her belly or back to sitting straight up.
- She can say mummum and dada and other random little cute things like that.
- She still loves her doggies and kitties. :)
- Not a huge fan of solids yet but can drink out of a soft spouted sippy cup.
- Enjoys shredding and trying to stuff paper (napkins, kleenexes, baby wipes, magazines, etc) into her mouth.
- Tries to push off, letting go and just moving forward from standing...this equals in many falls. Oy.
- Dr. checkup for this month said she was average for weight, above average for height and a little under average for head size...I have a small noggin too..sunglasses are hard to find that fit
- Starting to do this cute thing where she kinda uses a blanket or any other fabric as a lovey...holds it close to her face when she is tired.
- Loves bath time - sucks on washclothes and tries to catch bubbles in the water
- Loves to knock down the tower of stackable cups -we use that as an incentive to practice crawling - works everytime! :)
- Just now realized that one of her toys was still on demo is a little light up glo worm doll that plays lullabies and we couldn't figure out why it wouldn't stay lit up and why it wouldn't play for very long...demo mode. Oy - six months later.
- Went to the children's museum for the first time and loved it! We now have a family pass.

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- she's growing up already LOL. She's adorable and it looks like you're having a great time with her!