Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yes , I Did Make It And No, You Can't Return It.

I need a few of these around Christmas time and for birthdays!

$3.95 for sets of 6 from Knitterella

(accepts paypal - woot!)


Karen Sue said...

Yeah I made baby quilts to were too good to use..only hung on the back of the rocker. So when they got bigger I made all 3 kids a quilt for their beds and said they would get a new one when they wore it out, but they had to put them on the bed and USE THEM. Then I tied a fleece blanket for the FIL and the first time I saw it after I gifted, it was only his car seat all covered with hair and his dog sitting on it,,, still undecided on that one. :o)

Karen Sue said...

oops sorry about the typos!