Friday, April 2, 2010

We've Been Chosen

I was walking out in the front yard this morning and admiring our blossoming daffodils when my serene thinking was interupted as our bushes suddenly came to bustling to life and this small brown object came bursting out at me!

My first thought was that it was the bunny who's been nibbling on my flowers here lately...but my first instinct was to scream - no matter how cute or fuzzy the object - I wasn't expecting it!

After screaming bloody murder and probably waking all the neighbors -  I realized it was just a mama mallard duck - and after peering into the bushes I now know why she was there! Yup, a whole nest full of eggs! After a little reading up on the subject - I know now that she's been visiting that spot for the last several days at least. They lay one egg a day - and when I saw it this morning there were at least 6!

Thankfully she returned to the nest after I scared her out - for a second I was worried that she would abandon the spot and all the eggs. But after uploading the photos, I peeked out the front door and could see her sitting there over her nest.

The duck couple have been visiting our yard for a few years now - we know each time they visit because the dogs bark and the cat goes crazy at the window - more so than usual. We even found a lone egg in the front trees by the sidewalk once - pretty sure it was an abandoned nest site - with all the kids playing out by the sidewalk I doubt she wanted to stay there long. 

But nestled by our front window and front door behind our bushes - the only distraction she has is when I open the window and the dogs bark out or when we walk around the the front yard looking at the flowers like I was this morning when she scared me...or I scared her...whatever - we were both scared and staring pretty shocked at each other.

Hopefully we'll get a glance of the fuzzy brood long enough to snap a few pictures before she hurries them off to the nearby pond. They should all hatch in 24-28 days!


Thimbleanna said...

Oh How Fun!!! Maybe this means that our DuckCouple will have babies nearby this year too -- I'd be terribly excited. Good Luck as the chosen family!!!

Rosemarie said...

That's so nice! We have a duck couple too that visit our block every year, we call them Fred & Ethel.