Monday, April 12, 2010

Our First Farm Fresh Delivery!

We've finally signed up for Farm Fresh Delivery and even received our first bin Thursday of last week! I am a little overwhelmed with the veggie options to be honest - and am considering the fruit bin for $7 more. There are ways to customize your bin - you just have to do it the Monday before your delivery - I didn't try customizing it - but next time I will! :)

Lots of good healthy things though! We're already more than halfway through the fruit - imagine that! And I've barely touched the veggies yet - though I have big plans for them this week! :) Maybe it is a good thing to get us to eat our veggies!

I'm thinking yummy bacon green beans, sauteed asparagus with Parmesan, grilled portabello, fried zucchini strings, and a yummy taco salad with the lettuce and green onions.

We're signed up for bi-weekly delivery - so I'll work on customizing our next bin next Monday!

1 Each Small Farm Fresh Bin ($35)
1 Each Celery - Organic
4 Each Apples, Fuji (Small) - Organic
2 Each Grapefruit, Red - Organic
4 Each Oranges, Valencia - Organic - Uncle Matt's
1 One Pound Green Beans
1 One Pound - Asparagus
1 1 pound Squash, Green Zucchini - Organic
1 Each Lettuce, Green Leaf - Organic - Lady Moon Farm
1 4.5 oz - Onions, Green - Organic
1 16 oz. Berries, Strawberries - Organic
1 9-12oz. Mushrooms, Portabello - Organic


G said...

What a great idea? I didn't know we had anything like this in Indy. I would love to hear your thoughts about it. The only thing I'm worried about is not being able to use it all because I don't want perfectly good fruits and vegetables to go to waste. I'm definitely thinking about it though. Thanks so much for blogging about it!

Andora said...

That is a great idea,I sure would like to have something like that nice that would be...

Guineapig Diary said...

How cool is that! I wish we had that up here, I would totally sign up. I am planting a veggie garden again this year, but the fruit bin would be great for us.