Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Not-So Smooth Ride Home

Ok, so my first note was all hopeful and happy about my choice to ride bus - and I did mention how I still had the ride home yet...

Well - it was AWFUL.

I missed the 12:20 bus apparently because I did not see a bus from 12:23 or so until 12:54 - that was a nice long wait. But, alas, it was my fault - I could not pry myself away from my coworkers at lunch and so I was minutes late for the bus.

And apparently the 12:50 (which was supposed to come at 12:40) bus is a slightly different route than the 12:20 bus.

Clue #1 it was a different driver and he was mean.
Clue #2 when we arrived at the greenwood mall (one mile from the stop I wanted to get off at) we were just sitting there after the other passengers got off and the bus driver turned around and looked at me and raised his eyebrows all mean-like and so I looked around and realized that it was just me left and then looked back and him and he said, "so, where are you going?" I said that I wanted off at the Kmart stop off of 31 - he interrupted me and was all like "31 and what?"

Surprised since it is a stop on the route - I looked at him blankly - and he continued to look at me annoyed.

I told him that this was the bus that picked me up from that stop so why are we not going there - and he proceeded to tell me some crap about this being a different route.

I printed off about 15 pages of information about this route and the bus system last night and read through it twice. I do not remember seeing ANYTHING about two different greenwood routes.

he was going on about an "A" route - when I stopped him and said well, what am I supposed to now?

He told me that these smaller buses that come here can shuttle me over -and as I looked to where he was pointing the small bus pulled away and left.

Aggravated and upset I told the lovely man "thank you" in a not so thankful tone and got off the bus and proceeded across the freaking mile long parking lot to the Mall where I hung out at Barnes and Nobles until Laura came and picked me up.

I could have just waited for the little shuttle bus to come back on its next round but I was clearly upset and Laura was coming home anyway so I opted out of the bus ride.


I am going to reread over the stupid route paperwork I have and probably call the number they list to figure out what the heck happened.


thank goodness for good friends!

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