Friday, November 30, 2007


So I recently taught myself to knit! Wohoo! I was browsing through the library one day and this book caught me eye - it was called Stitch N Bitch and it sounded humorous and it is was an instruction manual to teach someone how to stitch - anyways I thought I would try it and now I am hooked!

Not only is it a stress reliever - it also gets me off the of the computer - on average I spend over 8 hours a day typing and designing away at work and then come home and spend more time surfing the web - not so good on the eyes. And it feels good to make something tactile for once besides paper based stuff (invites, posters, etc etc - visit my online portfolio to see samples) - AND I can make nifty christmas presents now!

I finished one scarf already and am working on my second!(see image to the right of husband modeling Scarf #1)

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