Friday, November 23, 2007

Here We Go A Wassailing!

Today I went Black Friday shopping - but here's the kicker - not until about 10:30 AM (I had planned to get up early and go shopping in Lafayette - but Thanksgiving wore me out completely so I decided to go back to Indy with Matthew - sleep in my own bed - take my time getting up and mosie around) and I mainly shopped at local stores - it was great! (I must admit that I did sneak into Borders, Lowes and Linen's and Things but that was it!)

Why was it so great you may ask? Well, let me count the ways!

  • 1. These local shops were NO WHERE NEAR as crowded as what Target, Walmart, etc was.
  • 2. In some instances I was the only customer and the person working had all the time in the world to help me.
  • 3. The local shops had items that you cannot find anywhere else.
    (great unique gifts at great prices) and plus it supports local business people which builds the community
  • 4. No hassle parking - even on Black Friday. (when I drove greenwood park mall I saw cars parking up on the grass around the parking lots - CRAZY!)
  • 5. Half of the stores I visited served Wassail or Hot Cider and treats - great for a mid-afternoon shopping pick-me-up! It was MARVELOUS!

    Where did I visit?
    -Imagination Station, in downtown Franklin
    -Karen Mercer Interiors, Southport
    -Take Root Simply Country Store, Old Towne Greenwood
    -Kira's Cottage, Downtown Franklin
    -A Certain Charm, Downtown Franklin
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