Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Everything is a Symptom

My Baby Bump Shadow on the bathroom wall - Nov 12, 2013
At now one day over my "due date" everything is a symptom of early labor. :)

Think I am kidding?

Google: "runny nose and 40 weeks pregnant" or "sore throat and 40 weeks pregnant" - and you will see what  I mean.

Not convinced?

Try "heartburn and 40 weeks pregnant" or "hot flashes and 40 weeks pregnant".

Any day now! But trying to be patient this time around! I wasn't last time - walked and walked and walked, spicy foods, pineapple, anything I tried it - except like castor oil - did not and will not try that.

But ended up with a high tear and had to be induced three days after my due date....hadn't even had a contraction before the pitocin. Which kinda scares me because I don't really know what a real contraction feels like that isn't medically induced.

Was at the hospital last Sunday (long story - but just stress and nothing I could control myself stress-wise) - and was all hooked up and the doctor said I was having contractions which I could kinda feel but they were nothing compared to what I have felt a few times and NOTHING like what the pitocin contractions are like.

Anywho, this is my mantra focus.

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Rosemarie said...

Stacy - I'm pretty sure you've had your baby by now - wishing you good labor vibes!